Lukas Nosek

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Lukas Nosek
Global Practice Group Leader - Industry&Manufacturing
United Arab Emirates
English, Czech
+971 4 390 1518
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Current Role

Lukas currently serves as leader of SpenglerFox’s Global Industrial & Manufacturing Practice Group. He works to drive SpenglerFox’s business in this segment and to help both his team and SpenglerFox clients understand what is important in this field. He also uses his role as Group Leader to set an example for other business leaders. Lukas works out of SpenglerFox’s offices for the United Arab Emirates in Dubai.


Lukas has been active in the executive search business since 2000. Since January 2009 he has held the post of Leader for the Industrial & Manufacturing Practice Group. He has helped many clients find comprehensive technical solutions and to get the brightest talent to sort out their business needs. Prior to SpenglerFox, Lukas worked as a senior consultant at Hudson Global Resources.


Lukas holds a master’s degree in Engineering from the Czech Technical University (?VUT) in Prague.  He also completed studies at Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU) in Copenhagen, Denmark, and at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Career Challenges / Inspiration

During his time at SpenglerFox, Lukas has been most inspired by deserved client wins and delivering outstanding results for clients and business partners.  He strives daily to set the best possible example for other on his team and the clients for whom he works.


In his professional life, Lukas lives by the motto:  actions speak louder than words.

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