Emerging Markets

Worries about instability and global growth forecasts will likely test the mettle of business leaders in developing countries
This coming year looks to be a tough one for many markets around the globe.  Although GDP growth should be respectable this year for the US market, the IMF has revised its figures downward for Japan and EU countries.  Emerging market economies like China and Russia tell a similar story, albeit based on different local conditions:  market overreach now has China posting its lowest growth rates in a quarter-century and economic sanctions have crippled the Russian economy.  At the other end of the globe, Argentina battles with inflation rates at 40%.  Business managers in markets that were meant to drive global demand and economic expansion must come to terms with the reality of "follower economy" status.  They must work with their teams to find smart ways to generate new demand in developed markets and succeed in a global economy this is still partially overheated and still needs to deleverage.

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This report presents the results of a study SpenglerFox has conducted on the policies towards expatriates and trends across multinational Consumer companies within the North Africa region. Our discussions with senior level professionals have revealed how corporations are encouraging employees to take on expatriate assignments that eventually facilitate a long lasting career.

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