CEO Series: CEOs' secrects to managerial success

SpenglerFox interview series uncovers CEOs’ secrets to managerial success.  „Ask the right questions, remember to give compliments and take time to personalize them, provide feedback immediately, give clear instructions, strive to inspire your team ….„

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Promotion - Christian Lepolard


We are delighted to announce the promotion of Christian Lepolard.  Christian will continue as Practice Group Leader for our Consumer sector with the additional role of Country Ambassador for SpenglerFox Russia.  

Christian has a deep knowledge of the Russian and CIS markets and will ensure the region continues to be major SpenglerFox market in the coming years” says Cedric d'Halluin, Emerging Markets Director - MEA, Russia, CIS.  

The Moscow office of Spengler is one of the oldest in the company, with a strong and well-known brand, and in spite of the turbulent times I see a lot of opportunities for us, not only in Russia but also in the CIS region” says Christian Lepolard, Practice Group Leader - Consumer / Country Ambassador Russia & CIS.  

"I am delighted with the appointment of Christian and look forward with Cedric and the SpenglerFox Partners to our continued focus and commitment to Russia and CIS markets under his leadership" says Mark Hamill, CEO.




Global Connect - New York

Appointing appropriate senior leadership to optimize your organization's performance is becoming increasingly critical in today's fast changing global economy. This event in New York brought a thought provoking discussion with ecperts from the US, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.  

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Egypt-France: common economic interests

Article written by Hisham Ezz El-Arab, a friend of SpenglerFox, published in the Al-Ahram Hebdo, and honoured to be part of President Abdel Fattah al Sissi visit to France


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