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Corporate & Social Responsibility


Our Responsibility to our Candidates

As an organisation we commit to ensuring that we have a positive impact upon the lives of our candidates – through connecting them to opportunities that will allow them to fulfil their professional potential and satisfy their economic needs in a safe, healthy, and positive environment.

It is our responsibility to endeavour to find the best opportunity that we can for our candidates, to protect their privacy by being sensitive to their needs and to provide unbiased guidance to them throughout their engagement with our organisation. It is our commitment to retain lifelong relationships with our candidates and to mentor, develop and nurture our candidates where appropriate. We commit to fulfil promises that we have made.

Our Responsibility to our Clients

It is our commitment to both challenge and support our clients throughout their decision-making process, to respect confidentiality agreements and appreciate when sensitive situations require discretion and diplomacy. It is our responsibility to operate in a scrupulously fair and transparent way, to ensure that we exceed expectations and work in productive partnership with our clients.

We try harder for our clients and use all the resources at our disposal to find the right person for our client’s organisation and we think smarter and faster so that our clients can maintain their competitive advantage through employing the best in Executive talent.

Furthermore, it is our commitment to continue to challenge borders and to ask “how?” and “where?” so that we can connect our clients to the very best talent in the world no matter where they might be.

We deliver our dynamic, agile, and timely services with passion, enthusiasm, and professionalism at all times.

Our Responsibility to our Colleagues

It is our responsibility to treat our colleagues with professionalism, fairness, and respect, to communicate openly and often and to develop working relationships built on trust and shared passion for our business.

We work in partnership across regions and sectors to devise the best solution for our clients.

We Foxes respect and learn from the cultural and experiential differences of our colleagues and collectively use our individual uniqueness and experiences to deliver insight for our clients and create a positive and productive work environment.

Our Responsibility to our Environment and our Community

Being a responsible business is not just about our daily interaction with our clients, it is about the greater impact that we have on the communities and environment in which we live and work and how we ensure that impact is a positive force for change.

As a business we commit to constantly assess how we can make a positive impact in our communities, marketplaces, environment, and workplace through the development of skills and talent in both our local communities and internationally. We commit to reducing our negative impact upon the environment through continuously developing our policies on recycling, energy saving and consumption.

We also commit to challenging what we see as the traditionally necessary activities of international executive search (particularly air travel) and to continuously devise alternative solutions to pollutive actions through collaborative consultation, will power and technology.