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For the bad times as well as the good.

Author: Filip Lerno Categories: Media:
25 May

For the bad times as well as the good.

One of the key reasons I joined SpenglerFox as non-Executive Chairman in February this year is their unremitting dedication to and care for the people who make up the business – our clients, candidates, and employees. SpenglerFox is a company that genuinely demonstrates that it is a people business each and every day.

Like most people little did I know that we were about to face a crisis like no other outside of global warfare. The world around us seems suddenly unstable, lives are put on hold and perhaps lived in isolation away from friends and loved ones. In such circumstances, it’s understandable that we may be preoccupied, restless and anxious as so much of what is happening feels out of our control.

SpenglerFox is here for the bad times as well as the good so I would like to offer a sympathetic and caring ear to those of you who want to share your stresses and concerns. We may not be able to meet in person at this time, but it doesn’t stop us from supporting you, so if you need a chat, some career advice and why not… a great future at SpenglerFox, do not hesitate to contact me on flerno@spenglerfox.com.

Let’s get something positive out of these troubled times.

Filip Lerno

Filip Lerno

Executive Chairman


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