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Life Sciences: MEA Potential Trillion Dollar Market

Categories: Media:
29 Jun

Life Sciences: MEA Potential Trillion Dollar Market

Middle East and Africa (MEA): Potential Trillion Dollar Market for Pharmaceutical and Medical Technologies Industries.

White Paper prepared for the SpenglerFox Life Sciences Practice Group

Key points to take away from this paper:

  • Healthcare expenditure is an important component of GDP on MEA markets that represent a potential spend of 1.1 trillion USD
  • Emerging markets such as the Middle East and Africa will represent about 2% of global healthcare spend
  • Rebates and discounts cause contention with national healthcare ministries as they boost demand in predominantly publicly-financed markets
  • Market entry should be carefully planned with support from proven local / regional partners, optimally using high-growth regional capitals as starting points
  • Potential threats to business include restrictions on public spending in healthcare, talent shortages for supply chain management, counterfeit and parallel trade issues.

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