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SpenglerFox Ukraine Charity Fund

11 Mar

SpenglerFox Ukraine Charity Fund

In response to the rapidly deteriorating humanitarian crises unfolding in Ukraine, we have launched an official charitable response to support those in need of help. Based on the latest available statistics, in excess of two million people have already fled to neighbouring countries from Ukraine, and many more are expected to do so over the next days. As a business with a presence across Central Europe and historic ties to the region, we feel compelled to help.

Yesterday we officially launched the ???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????? with a sizeable financial contribution. This fund has been set up to provide critical humanitarian support for Ukrainian refugees arriving in Poland. Our donation, together with additional voluntary contributions by our employees and affiliates, is already being used to directly support refugees, especially families with vulnerable young children, with much needed basic essentials such as warm clothing, food, and basic medicine when they arrive at major transit points on the Polish border with Ukraine. We are cooperating with several action groups, civil organisations, and NGOs on the ground, entirely on a voluntary basis, to help where we can.

We are proud of our employees who have been and continue to donate their time and resources to this cause, not just in Poland, but across the region.



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