Sustainable Consumption Amongst Millennials. What’s different? What’s new?

Sustainability is a buzz word in the field of management and sustainable consumption is becoming a talking point in global debates. It is said that the millennials are far more sustainability focused than other generational cohorts. However, at the same time, we see an increasing rise of materialism. This talk explores if millennials really have a significantly more sustainability focus. It also examines how consumers in today’s market balance between their materialism and ethical purchase intentions. The sessions will end with a few pointers for managers in how to drive sustainable consumption among their customer groups and particularly among millennials .

We are pleased to introduce as our guest Paurav Shukla, Professor of Marketing and Head of Digital and Data Driven Marketing Department at the Southampton Business School, UK. His research highlights the hidden meanings embedded within consumption practices across cultures and offers novel insights. Paurav’s career began in industry, and he continues to work with academic institutions and corporate organizations in the capacity of visiting professor, advisor and board of directors. He has published many articles in top-tier academic journals and popular accounts of his work have appeared in the BBC, the Sunday Times, the Guardian, and many other international outlets. He has consulted for global consumer brand firms such as Unilever, GSK, Zurich insurance; leading as well as budding digital companies; International luxury, fashion brands; large financial and insurance firms among others