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Jamie Jiyoung Lee

South Korea
  • Experience

    Jamies is a Partner for the Global Division at You & Partners, a SpenglerFox Affiliate. Jamie Jiyoung Lee was born in Seoul and spent her high school years in the U.K. She graduated from Seattle Pacific University, with a B.A in Marketing. Having studied in three different continents, She gained broad insights in global market, cultural diversities and work cross-borders.

    Jamie has over 18 years of experience as an executive recruiter She has number of experience working with both global and local Korean companies for C-suite and managerial positions. Her expertise varies from traditional manufacturing industry including electronics and chemicals, to B2Cs such as cosmetics, fashion and hospitality. She has worked with several financial institutions with their portfolio companies for their C-level interim positions.

    As a certified interviewer, she has conducted interviews for the Korean Government Offices, financial institutions, and other government agencies. She is also in charge of reference check service, which takes up significant portions to the firm. She is an active mentor for female career clubs and social networks.

    By Industry : Electronics, Consumer, Fashion, Cosmetics, Technology, Manufacturing, Private Equity, Hospitality
    By Function/Specialty : C-level, Board Members, CTO, Legal, General Manager for multinational corporates

  • Qualifications

    Jamies holds a BA in Marketing from the Seattle Pacific University


English Korean