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Private Equity

We are Private Equity specialists, providing a range of bespoke Pre- and Post-Deal HR Solutions to Private Equity Investment Firms and their Portfolio Companies

How we help

As private equity specialists, we offer an extensive range of specialized HR solutions tailored to meet the needs of large multinational-, high-growth- and local investment firms.

From comprehensive pre-deal support to meticulous post-deal integration, our team of experts excel in delivering strategic solutions that drive success across diverse industries spanning the Americas, Europe, and Asia. We empower in-house executives and portfolio company leaders with cutting-edge tools, actionable insights, and top-tier talent, enabling them to navigate complexities and capitalize on opportunities effectively. Our unwavering commitment to maximizing the return on investment underscores every aspect of our work, ensuring that our clients achieve optimal outcomes and sustained growth in today’s competitive global marketplace.

Pre-Deal Advisory

In the dynamic landscape of private equity investments, making informed decisions prior to deals is crucial.

Our Pre-Deal Advisory service offers you support with identifying good target organisations who are potentially open to acquisition, and a team of experienced advisors and/or C-Level Buy-In Team tailored to your investment objectives. Our comprehensive approach ensures that you enter negotiations armed with the knowledge needed to optimize outcomes and mitigate potential pitfalls.

Board & Executive Assessment

Effective governance and leadership are essential for driving organizational performance and shareholder value. Our Board & Executive Assessment service offers private equity firms comprehensive evaluations of board members and senior executives to identify strengths, development opportunities, and potential risks.

Using a blend of psychometric tools, behavioral assessments, and in-depth interviews, we provide actionable insights that inform succession planning, leadership development initiatives, and board effectiveness strategies. With our evidence-based approach, clients gain a clear understanding of their leadership bench strength and the actionable steps needed to optimize performance and drive long-term success.

Talent Mapping

Anticipating future talent needs is critical for sustaining competitive advantage and fueling growth. Our Talent Mapping service empowers private equity firms to proactively identify and engage with high-potential executive talent within target industries and markets.

Through comprehensive research and analysis, we deliver customized talent maps that highlight key industry trends, competitor landscapes, and emerging leadership profiles. Armed with this strategic intelligence, clients gain a competitive edge in talent acquisition, succession planning, and organizational development initiatives, positioning them for sustained success in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Interim Management

In times of transition or transformation, having experienced leadership at the helm is crucial. Our Interim Management service provides private equity firms with immediate access to seasoned executives post M&A who can step in and drive strategic initiatives with precision and agility.

Whether it’s filling temporary leadership gaps, spearheading turnaround efforts, or managing complex integration projects, our interim executives bring a wealth of expertise and a results-oriented mindset to every engagement. With a focus on delivering tangible value and minimizing disruption, we ensure seamless continuity and momentum during periods of change.

People & Culture Toolkit

Building a thriving organizational culture is essential for driving employee engagement, fostering innovation, and fueling business performance. Our People & Culture Toolkit equips private equity firms with the resources and expertise needed to cultivate a high-performance culture aligned with their strategic objectives.

We use a SaaS-based tool based on data-driven algorithm focused on several areas: PERFORMANCE, KPIs, ENGAGEMENT, SKILLS GAP ANALYSIS and others driving UPSKILLING/RESKILLING and AI upgrade.

Meet our Private Equity team

Michael Klingler

Head of Private Equity


Jens Friedrich

Chief Executive Officer


Michal Vajskebr

Chief Commercial Officer, Head of Consumer