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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Outsourcing all or part of your hiring process to SpenglerFox can have a positive impact on overall productivity and improve your bottom line. We have a range of RPO solutions to fit your specific needs and business strategy.

What we do
Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Benefits of the SpenglerFox RPO service

SpenglerFox design bespoke solutions by incorporating specific hiring strategies most suited for our client’s needs. We understand that the necessity of being agile in response to the life-cycle of a company’s progression is key to being a successful partner.

What is SpenglerFox RPO?

RPO provides professional hiring support as and when required. This is the process through which a company outsources to SpenglerFox the management of its recruitment process, in whole or in part, to drive cost-, quality-, efficiency-, service- and scalability benefits.

Using our RPO solutions to help fill vacant positions, implement applicant tracking technologies, or to cut costs, is a collaborative, long-term decision that leads to increased productivity and improved predictability.

  • We deliver flexible and specialised recruitment solutions at the right time and at the right cost to support the growth of your business.
  • We are consistent in approaching candidates in a fair and inclusive manner, ensuring that candidates have a great pro- consumer type of business experience, from initial outreach to their start.
  • Through our extensive network of highly trained sourcing specialists, we can spot and engage talent faster, advancing competitiveness of your brand on the market.
  • We are here to design and build a project team when you need it, consisting of specialists in RPO, leadership advisory, executive search or interim solutions, based on your actual needs.

What are the Benefits?

When searching for talent, we ensure that we not only find the right talent, but the right cultural fit for you.

  • Our consultants are all talent experts, who own significant knowledge of the business environments within their specialised industries. Their expertise is fully absorbed into our client’s organisations.
  • During our consultants’ careers they have developed established networks, resulting in direct access to large talent pools.
  • Our RPO solution allows our clients to focus on their core business objectives, improving efficiency, whilst our talent consultant integrates within the culture of our clients’ environments, building strong relationships with their HR teams and allowing them to strategize on the long term needs of the business.

Why SpenglerFox?

Protecting our clients from damaging costs, financially and culturally, by hiring the wrong people.

  • Integrating RPO into our search business means the methodologies and attention to detail, used daily by our expert executive search consultants, ensure quality hires for our clients.

Enterprise RPO

An ongoing solution where we can take over and manage the entire hiring process and providing support when you need it, encompassing all services involved with permanent recruitment, including recruitment technology investments.

Depending on your needs, we deploy either on-site and/or off-site resources who consult with the hiring managers, process requisitions, source and screen candidates, schedule interviews, prepare and present offers, and conduct onboarding activities.

Project RPO

Whether you need to hire 20 or 200 people, from fresh graduates to senior managers, our specialised talent acquisition team has unrivalled access to local and international talent pools.

We will deliver the right talent, in the right numbers and in the right location for your corporate relocation, new product launch, mergers and acquisitions, geographical expansion or specific skill demand.

Meet our Recruitment Process Outsourcing team

Jens Friedrich

Chief Executive Officer


Harald Fehr

Senior Principal


Begoña Gonzalez–Blanch


Jérôme Carbonnelle


Renato Killinger


Andrew Thoseby


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